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COVID-19 Updates

Nick's Daily Blog

7 April 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 13: Once again a nice day in Welly but a little more cloudy today - already at 17 degrees. I better sort those lawns today cause the wet stuff is coming in a couple of days.

I ran a couple of classes last night... things went well with the big TV and also the external Bluetooth speaker other than I lost the sound when I shared a TKD Coaching video... probably a setup somewhere in my settings? My video for some reason is also low res even thou Hi Res options were set. I looked like one of those slow motion action videos as I moved around (Yes slower than usual!) I'll have a play today. Anyone else seen this issue?

Heading off for a walk shortly. I have a few phone calls to make and also working through some ITKD budget stuff with Mike today. This COVID-19 is a pain in the butt!

Be good out there!

Rgs, Nick

6 April 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 12: Yet another beautiful day here in Wellington but a little overshadowed that ordinary I would have been heading to the airport to make my way to the IIC in Korea. Alas, a casualty of the COVID-19 virus. It was a trip to Korea I have always wanted to do - hopefully it's back on the cards for next year!

I have 2 classes tonight to look forward to - I'm going to change the lounge around so I can make use of the big TV plugged into the laptop and a Bluetooth speaker - I'll report back tomorrow with my findings.

I managed to score some figs yesterday, touch-less off course. Very nice indeed. I'll be enjoying those over the next 2 or 3 days.

I'm off for a wee walk around the neighbourhood while I'll make some work calls.

Just do it! Quickly.

Rgs, Nick

5 April 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 11: Another awesome day here in Wellington. Off for a walk shortly to enjoy the sun while it lasts.

I'm still amazed at the amount of sharing and caring going on within our TKD community - lots of programs and videos are being posted. I'm working thru my program for tomorrow Monday - that will be interesting.

I suspect there are no real surprises that gradings and stuff have been cancelled / delayed till after end June but doesn't mean we take the foot of the go fast pedal! I'm still on the backs of our 2 Miramar students up for 1st Dan grading.

I did a bunch of chain sawing yesterday with one little cutting job to do alongside the lawns to be mowed today then I'm pretty much done for the winter prep. Saying that, I can't get to the dump so I'll have to stack the logs somewhere where out of the way, yet quick to get to later.

No sign of Goose today. I suspect he stayed out given the rather warmish night. he'll be hungry soon so will turn up before lunch.

Photo attached from my walk yesterday to Evan Bay Marina

Don't forget about the little people.

Rgs, Nick

4 April 2020 - From the Board Chair
, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 10: Excellent. Saturday. A most beautiful day here in Wellington. I went for a early morning walk and looks like many others had the same idea! Heaps of bikes and runners. Me? I walked. Anyway, took some photos of the harbour and the boats at Evans Bay Marina.

As I said yesterday, dinner last night was chicken souvla.. I'll post a video so those that have never experienced Greek food cooked like this have some idea. Dinner was served with home baked flat bread, halloumi cheese, tzatziki dip, home cut chips and some green stuff from the veggy garden. I challenge anyone to show me something better from last nights dinner?

Today's I'm off to do more chainsaw work and pick a bunch of peers from the trees. Then after lunch Po-Eun with Mark Trotter on the deck.

Off to brunch. Left over chicken souvla.

In the immortal words of Bob.... Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

Rgs, Nick

3 April 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 9: It's Friday. Funny enough is does actually does feel like a Friday? It was raining overnight and a bit showery. I have a session with Mike this morning on some ongoing CEO stuff then I'll head off for a walk. I'll try my luck and head towards the Miramar cutting and check out the harbour by the airport - it's less than 2k's away so I shouldn't get picked up the cops. I wonder if anyone is fishing?

Run my first online class last night with the Intermediate folk and while I was a little nervous at first, I settled down and it went okay. Some things to note, while I had room to go back and forth, a couple of the punters could only go 3 or 4 steps back and forth so that made line work "short" - I kept forgetting - don't do front snap kicks when too close to the screens! Also I wish I had one of those Michael Jackson headsets - it would have stopped me from yelling so they could hear me. The kids kept coming downstairs wondering what all the commotion was about! I also connected my Bluetooth external speaker so I could hear them better. Lets see how Monday goes. I think I'll use one of Master B's junior class trainings.

I didn't get a chance to use the chainsaw yesterday, that's today's fun! Yes, Mr Kunz, I'll be careful!

I've decided we're going to have a treat tonight and cook up a storm for dinner. We're gonna have a souvla. Google it. These are usually done for 15 or more folk given the work involved but I'll scale down the food for just the 4 of us (as aside, I've cooked for 80 plus folk a number of times). I hope to post a video tomorrow.

Don't count your chickens until you've seen the eggs!

Rgs, Nick


Day 8. Whoa.. we made it thru a whole week! Yeepee! Congrats all.

I'm so impressed with the number of quality online sessions coming on stream and all of the openness to share. Not wanting to single out anyone but Master Banicevich's sessions he posted on his website yesterday were awesome. Check those out if you haven't seen them. I'll probably share these with the Miramar club folk as a special instructor session.

I went on a long walk yesterday early afternoon and noticed that there are heaps of cars driving around and not much of a cue outside the local supermarket? I wonder where everyone is going? I really hope NZ'ers are following instructions from the experts and are staying put.

Some Board stuff online this morning with Mike - done and dusted for now.

I've got my first online session this afternoon with the Intermediate class to test things. If all goes well I'll probably annoy Mr Kunz to run the senior classes next week.

I feel like I need to use the chain saw today.

He who has figs in his knapsack has lots of friends.

Rgs, Nick

1 April 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 7: So it's day 7, yes it is. Wednesday. The kids are busy working at their jobs upstairs, Vienna is downstairs. Goose did a runner as soon as I opened the back door.

Watched a movie last night in the dark (that my son DID NOT download illegally, cause he told me so) while soaking in the Spa last night... relaxing indeed..... great movie but only got half way thru before deciding I better get out as I was getting too hot (yes, more than usual ladies) and was falling asleep - it's a serious danger of this happening in the Lourantos Spa BTW!

Had an awesome night sleep and feeling ready to go this morning! I've responded to a couple of emails, took the rubbish bin down to the street, and walking back up to the house thinking I'm gonna clean those house windows! I'll do that without Vienna having to ask me to do - that way I might be able to keep in her good books (but that's in God's hands)?

We've sent out that flash mini kids workbook to the kiddies yesterday so hopefully I'll get some think back! Check out the find work that Mrs Pygott, Mrs Rounthwaite and Emma have done. Looking forward to the next edition next week - not too much pressure ladies!

I'm also thinking I'll try out that online teaching that some of you are doing tomorrow - I'll start with the Intermediate class and see how that goes. I'll send out the invitation before I chicken out now.

Had Breakfast already.... thinking bacon and eggs for lunch!

Bab boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.....

Rgs, Nick


31 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Louranto

Day 6. Nice day outside. I just responded to a few emails and thinking its a good day for walk after breakfast - that will help me clear my head to focus on some Board work. I've also got some work clients to follow-up so it's shaping to be a full morning.

After the Phil Thompson session yesterday (which was excellent), it occurred to me that our self defense teachings in class really need to focus on repetition, that means I need to run more regular sessions on the topic than we're currently doing. We do indeed have quite a large syllabus to cover in 2 sessions a week. I better do better with my session plans but also the higher level scheduling / content of those sessions so that they make make sense and build on the previous sessions but still making sense for new and students that have missed sessions - Phew!

On another topic, Vienna went to the supermarket yesterday, came home with 4 bags and $280 lighter! I'm not seeking comment on this but something doesn't feel right?

Time for Breakfast.

The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Rgs, Nick

30 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Lourantos

Day 5: I have to say, it doesn't feel any different than day 1. Maybe I'm still in denial that this thing is actually happening? Today I'm participating in Phil's Self Defense class this afternoon - I asked Vienna if she was interested in joining me and she said no. I'm glad about that cause she'll be mean enough to any attacker! (I do suspect, she'll be watching from a far anyway).

I'm also off to get my Flu jab at the Doc's. They rung me up and said "com'on down... we have a pressie for you - it's that time of the year).

The kids are back at work but maybe they are missing their work mates a little too much? John asked me if I had a web camera.

I let Goose out this morning. He stood by the back door for a few seconds before I pushed him out. I reckon he was wondering why I'm home so much?

I'll get back into my 1st Dan patterns today also... Watching Mark Trotter run thru those patterns on line is pretty amazing and inspiring! I can also hear Nick Lee yelling don't drop ya hands, and Sheryl saying what the hell are you doing Mr Lourantos from the recent BB trainings!

Okay, time for brunch.


Rgs, Nick


29 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Lourantos

Day 4: Sunday, slept in and its raining. Feeling a little slow this morning - probably something to do with the online party we had last night with a couple or 6 friends?

Righto... what's on? 9am, Black Belt Pre-grading.... WHAT? I'm late! Hehe... I really hope Dev and Marco are doing their drills! Lads? Grading is less 5 odd weeks away. I wonder if they're gonna let us out?

No sign of Goose today. I suspect he's upstairs with the kids, sleeping somewhere warm. It is cold today.

I signed up to TKD Coaching this morning and managed to setup 2 sub accounts.. Seemed too easy? Before I enter anymore I'll have a play as I might get a string of emails from the punters about the site and I better know I'm saying (heh.. that's a change from the usual!). I better learn my 1st Dan patterns.. It's only been 16 years since I graded.

Time for brunch.

Kick 'em high, punch 'em low

Rgs, Nick


28 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Lourantos

Day 3. Yea, its the weekend! Cold and raining outside so no heading into town for some lunch today. Doh! The kids are not working today. Goose has done a runner outside and Vienna my wife is wondering what to do today? I'm gonna get stuck into the crap I took out of the office the other day to make room for my daughter to setup her work computer and phone.

Been thinking a wee bit about my students and what I can do next week and decided that the recent "rescue package" offer from TKDCoaching is a good start. I'll sort that today. I'm also enjoying the Master Rimmer pattern clinics in the ITKD Virtual Dojang FB page - just brilliant stuff.

The heat pump is on now... time for brunch.

I'll be back!

Rgs, Nick

27 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Lourantos

Day 2. We made it thru the first day of the lock down! Woke up to overnight rain and now a most sunny and still day here in Welly. Around here at home things seem to have settled into a calm, quite and most unusual feeling of sereneness. My lad is one room working away in his Govt job, my daughter in law in the office working in her bank job, I just sat in on the Instructor chat that Master McPhail setup (thank you Sir!) and my wife is quietly getting on with her stuff. Even the cat Goose is sitting on the window sill not too interested today watching the birds on the lawn.

Hopefully you're all feeling a little better than yesterday....

I think some Rolling Stones is in order!

O for awesome!

Rgs, Nick

26 March 2020 - From the Board Chair, Mr Nick Lourantos

Hi all. Its day 1 of the the lock down and I've got to say I've been amazed with all of the positive input into this and other related FB Pages. I'm impressed with the content posted but also in the way we've come together to support our art and each other across the country.

For me, so far at home, the 4 of us have been playing nicely. I managed to get out in the yard and do some weeding (those that know me know when I say weeding, I mean weed spraying!) and have even started to work thru all of the junk in the spare room and office.

Stay cool till after school!

Yours in Taekwon

PS: Anyone that needs to chat about gardening or anything TKD related, please call me on 021439482

24 March - black belt gradings

20 March 2020

In light of the announcements today we can confirm that Nationals and all Regional’s have been postponed.

Alternate dates are being sought later in the year (October for Nationals) and we will keep you posted.

We expect the following guidelines to be followed;

  • No indoor gatherings close to 100 remember when forecasting attendance to include supporters, officials etc
  • Limiting to one parent per student or dropping off may assist in keeping numbers down
  • Clubs and events should consider postponement, cancellation or splitting into smaller groups
  • Following protocols and guidelines as previously communicated

We anticipate at this point most clubs will still be able to function as normal but due to the specific circumstances of every club it is ultimately at your discretion how you move forward.

Remember that we are a community and for many we might be the one constant in their lives at the moment and we are contributing to their health and well being so let that enter your considerations while putting safety first.

If you have any questions please come back to us.

Thanks for your understanding and support.


Mike Thompson CEO
M 0275 781513

18 March 2020

With the evolving situation regarding COVID 19, International Taekwon-Do is constantly monitoring announcements and guidelines from the government and its ministries, assessing the implications for the organisation, the Art and its families and taking action as necessary.

We remind everyone to follow the MoH Guidelines;

DO NOT put yourself or others at risk if you are unwell – Please stay home (GO HOME!) if you feel unwell.

Everyone can help by ensuring good health etiquette: which means:

  • washing your hands for twenty seconds,
  • make sure when you sneeze it is into your arm,
  •  don’t touch your face with your hands.

Students should refrain from shaking hands, high fives etc. pre/during/post training & and should not share drink bottles.


 Based on the data I have been given only Nationals and the Auckland North and Counties Manukau Regionals come close to the current 500 limit on non-essential gatherings.

Advice today from Sport NZ is that there is no necessity to cancel events below 500 people. Guidelines for smaller events is expected in the coming days.

Tournament Advisory Group have requested a few weeks to monitor developments and decide and Auckland North are of the same view. This is prudent at this time.

Other events are ultimately at the discretion of the organiser but I ask that we demonstrate leadership through calm and by adhering through the guidelines that have been put in place.

Thanks for your understanding and support in this ever changing environment.


Kind Regards
Mike Thompson


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